Privacy Policy

Ali McClure Education and Parenting take privacy of your personal information seriously.


We will not share any information about you with any other parties or companies
We are careful with how we manage your data and do not store it off site from our offices
We use the information only for the purposes stated below

In more detail:

What do we store?

We store your name and contact details such as address, telephone numbers and email address

Why do we store your data?

We like to keep in touch via email with details of upcoming courses and seminars.  We aim to send no more than 2 emails per month. 

Where is the data stored?

Currently we use an online website for storing all our data.  This site uses industry standard SSL encryption at the same level (128 bits) as online banks and financial institutions.  The data we store can only been seen by us and no one else. If we were to leave our current storage facility the data would transfer with us. 

We are happy to confirm the details and information we hold for any individual. A request should be made in writing. We would take steps to ensure the identity of any requests made here.